Five Things No One Told Me About Pregnancy

Currently I am six days away from my due date and my goodness I cannot wait for my little one to get here! I know there are a lot of things about pregnancy that I had to look up or just found while perusing Pinterest and other mommy blogs, but even so there were still some things that surprised me quite a bit. The things that surprised me the most might seem like common sense to some of you but I figured I’d share whatever “wisdom” I’ve gained from this journey.


You will be tired the majority of your pregnancy.

Okay, so I was mildly prepared for this one. Everyone who has ever been pregnant always talks about how tired they are during the 3rd trimester. Which in my mind is slightly obvious because it is the point in the pregnancy when you are just ready for the baby to come, you have to pee 5 times during the middle of the night, and you are just always uncomfortable. However, I was much more tired during my first trimester than I have been during my third trimester.  During my first trimester I was so tired I went to bed by 8pm every day if not earlier. On the weekends I frequently slept 14 hours straight because I was just so tired. So, be prepared for lots of naps and sleeping late.


Cravings are not always strange.

I hate to break it to you, but the movies do not have pregnancy 100% correct. Pregnancy cravings are not always strange. Oh sure they can be, but not everyone will experience the whole pickles and ice cream cravings situation. For me the extent of my cravings was mac n cheese (which I already love) and the occasional need for chocolate chip cookies. Sure, my hubs thought I was crazy for wanting so much mac n cheese, but he also hates it. So don’t feel like your pregnancy is not going right if you don’t have all the stereotypical cravings. Just remember every pregnancy is different.


Not everyone gets the “pregnancy glow”.

Boy do I feel jipped on this one. Everyone always says that pregnant women have a “glow” and it is not always true! I was so looking forward to having the amazing pregnancy hair that everyone talked about (because apparently prenatal vitamins do wonders for your hair and skin) but much to my dismay my hair is flat and does less than nothing when I style it. This means that I am stuck either throwing my hair in a messy bun or just running it through the straightner- no curls, no waves, no nothing else fun. This is super unfortunate because I actually have the energy to do my hair right now and it just won’t do anything. If you have been blessed with the pregnancy glow then know that I am supremely jealous haha!


Your sarcasm/sass filter will likely go out the window.

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve frequently told my friends and husband that I have no chill. I will go from zero to sass (or snark, or sarcasm) before I even know what is happening. Sometimes this is completely fine, but sometimes (like at work) I really have to work on making sure I keep my sass, etc in check. My poor husband has been the brunt of my excessive sass (and snark) more times than I care to count. Luckily, he is a good sport about it and knows that its most likely the pregnancy talking. But, that is not to say that you can blame everything on the pregnancy and move on with life. If I am being excessively sassy or snarky I always make sure to apologize and let him know that I do truly appreciate how much he is doing for me or that it isn’t his fault that I’m being snarky.


Just buy the pregnancy pants.

Okay, okay. This one may seem like common sense to everyone else, but I had soooo many people tell me they never wore maternity clothes. They all said they just bought clothes that were a size or two up and they were good. Now, this might work if you are pregnant during the right seasons (aka: dress season) but if you don’t like dresses or its cold and you have to wear pants, I am here to tell you JUST BUY THE MATERNITY PANTS (or leggings). Your tummy will thank you in the long run. My other recommendation is to make sure you get good quality pants. I made the mistake of buying a pair that was a brand I’ve never heard of from Marshalls (PS, I love Marshalls so I’m definitely not dissing haha!) and they never stayed up. Finally, during my third trimester I got a few pairs of pants from Motherhood Maternity and they are fabulous. I also got a pair of leggings from Target’s maternity brand and let me just say that it was a fantastic decision and I regret not doing it sooner.


All this being said, I’m sure there are plenty of other things that I didn’t/don’t know about pregnancy, but these are some of the main things that I was not prepared for. I’d love to hear from you all about what surprised you about pregnancy! Drop a comment below and lets chat!!