Following In Their Footsteps

Something that I’ve always enjoyed is being around flowers and plants. I know that this is because of my mom and even more so my grandma.

My grandma had a greenhouse and sold her flowers at the farmers market each weekend. I remember even back in elementary school I’d go out to her farm and help her plant all the new seedlings and seed pods. She taught me how to mix the mushroom compost and potting soil to get the best soil for the plants and how to water and care for them. I was frequently sent home with a new plant or with some cut snap dragon stalks (they’re my favorite!).

My mom always has gorgeous flowerbeds and planters at her house and its become a tradition for my brothers and I to get her new flowers (or a gift card for a flower shop) for Mother’s Day each year.

I do love having plants in the apartment but in the past I have had this horrible tendency toward killing them, either by overwatering them or completely neglecting them. However, I have managed to keep my Aloe Vera plant alive for over a year and it has given me hope that I can keep more alive! I received a gorgeous Jade Tree from my aunt and I also went on a plant buying spree so I now have eight plants in the apartment with two more in the mail! Check out all my plant babies!


Because I am determined to keep all my plant babies alive I have done quite a bit of research and pinned a whole slew of pins on Pinterest to make sure I actually understand how much each plant likes to be watered instead of guessing.

Are you a plant mom (or dad)? Do you have any tips and tricks for me?  I’d love to hear them!



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