My New Found Love

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Okay, so first I must apologize because it has been literally forever since I’ve posted on here. But you’ll have to forgive me because school was LITERALLY crazy (seven group presentations, a final, and two final papers). Any-who I’m back and I am ready to blog my little heart out!

Now for the good stuff! You’re probably wondering what my new found love is right? Well hold on to your socks boys and girls, because its Canning! Yes, you read that correctly and yes, I am basically a grandma in a 25 year old body. So you’re probably wondering how I got into my “grandma hobby”. Well, I vaguely remember my mom, aunt, and grandma talking about canning when I was little, but I never really knew what they were talking about. Fast forward about 20 years and I’m visiting my husband’s grandparents for Thanksgiving. His grandma had this homemade applesauce that puts Mott’s to shame. She also had pear honey jam and apple butter at breakfast. My husband ATE IT UP. He loves that stuff, so I’m sitting here going okay I need to learn how to make this stuff because there is no way I’m gonna find that in the store.

Fast forward a few more days and I’ve ordered a  off of Amazon. The only thing left to do was get some  (I got mine at Target, but you can get them on Amazon as well) and then decide what I wanted to make.

So of course I took to Pinterest (because where would we be without all those pins?). I found quite a few recipes and also some really great information about water bath canning- which is how you can fruit. Then I got scared because I read about all the ways you can do it wrong and basically give someone botulism poisoning (YIKES). So I proceeded to read even more blogs and watch a bunch of videos so I could be sure I was ready to can.

It turned out to be a LOT easier than I thought it would be and within a weekend I had canned two different recipes! They definitely were not perfect, but for my first try they were pretty great! Don’t worry, I share my recipes with you in another post or two 🙂

Do you have any “grandma hobbies”? If so I’d love to hear about them!



PS. the picture is from a Google search and is not my own image.

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  1. I love to can as well… And you are correct, if not done safely, it can be very harmful. Make sure to follow reputable, tested recipes… Like the ones from Ball or the National Center for Home Food Preservation. Stay away from Pintrest unless the recipes have been approved and tested. University Extension offices and websites in your area are great resources for home food preservation. Happy Canning! Good luck with your granny hobby! 🙂

    1. Thanks Linda! I usually cross check Pinterest recipes with the Ball website just to make sure I’m processing them for the right amount of time. I also got my grandma’s old canning books so that will be fun!

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