Musings from the Car

I’ve noticed that the best thinking time is in the shower or in the car. Throughout the week I spend a large amount of time in the car because I commute for all my classes. Typically, I spend about an hour to an hour and a half in the car on my way to class. On my drives I almost always have music playing. Sometimes I jam out (dance moves included), sometimes I call a friend, sometimes I daydream, and sometimes I plan the rest of my week or think about life.

Today was no different, I listened to my music and today I thought about how much I need to clean my apartment and how I really need to start working out regularly.

I’ve noticed that I have a messiness threshold. What I mean by that is that I can handle a certain amount of stuff left lying around before I decide it’s too messy. Things like clean laundry still in the hamper (not folded), bins full of stuff I cleaned out of my mom’s house not put away, junk mail left on the side table, makeup bags left all over the counter, etc. Some may call it organized chaos, others just call it a mess. I’ve also noticed that my messiness threshold and desire to clean the mess directly correlate with my stress level. The more stressed out I get the more likely I am to feel the need to stress clean and the wonkier (yes,  it’s a word) my messiness threshold gets. Needless to say my apartment will be cleaned very thoroughly this weekend.

Related to this is my thought that I need to work out regularly. When stressed most people react in one of two ways: stress eat or don’t eat. Typically, I fall under the don’t eat category- as in I’d 100% forget about lunch until it was dinner time and then not be able to figure out why I was so hungry. For whatever reason I am now a stress eater, hence the need to workout. That, and I do actually want to be stronger and healthier.  My current plan is to try and get up early and go to the gym before I get ready for work, assuming I actually decide to drag myself out of bed that early (ha!). I’m also working on eating healthier (a very slow plan as I am extremely picky), but hey at least I’m trying right?

What are your experiences? Do you do your thinking in the car or the shower? Let me know your thoughts!



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